Inracellular Crowding Effects on FtsZ Dimerization Intracellular Crowding Effects
Ras self-assembely in membraneRas Nanoclustering
Probe-derived surface topography map analysis for ligand binding site identification Method Development
Structure and Dynamics of K- and H-Ras ProteinsAll-Atom MD Simulations
Efficient Operator Splitting Technique for Solving Poisson-Boltzmann EquationElectrostatic Effects on Macromolecules
DNA-Dendrimer ComplexationCoarse-Grained Modeling
Mesoscopic Theory of Multi-Phase StructureContinuum Modeling
Adaptive Mesh RefinementNumerical solution of PDEs
Model-Data Integration through Information TheoryInformation Theory
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Our work focuses on using the principles of physics and chemistry for the development of theoretical and computational models that will enhance the understanding of structure, dynamics and function of biomolecular and biological systems. We are currently utilizing computational approaches and simulation techniques at different level of complexity ranging from all-atom to implicit and coarse-grained solvent and membrane descriptions. In addition, we are interested in systems biology approaches and studying living cells as an integrated coupled interacting network of genes, proteins and biochemical reactions.

Doa Hawamdeh defended her masters thesis successfuly. Congratulations.

Lamis Naddaf defended her masters thesis successfuly. Congratulations.

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