Graduate Program

The Physics department offers a program that leads to a Master’s degree in Physics  with a broad and deep coverage of various theoretical fields. This program aims to enable holders of a Bachelor degree in Physics  and closely related fields, to continue their graduate work , thus contributing to the enrichment of knowledge and the development of scientific research in the various fields of physics. In the long run, this will also help improve Physics teaching in secondary schools.

Program Admission Requirements

  • The applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in physics or in a closely related field such as Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics, who have finished with a minor in Physics, with a “Good” average or above from a university that is accredited by Birzeit University.
  • Fulfilling conditions stated in the academic bylaws for graduate studies.
  • A personal interview if deemed necessary by the admissions committee.    

Graduation Requirements

  • The completion of 36 credit hours as shown below:
  1. Compulsory Requirements:   Completing 15 credits including
Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
Research Methodology
Mathematical Physics 1
Classical Mechanics
Electromagnetics 1
Quantum Mechanics
Statistical Mechanics

Note: All students should finish Phys 610 in the first 15 credits of the courses.

  1. Elective courses: Completing at least 15 credit hours from the following courses:
Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
Electromagnetics 2
Phys 633
Mathematical Physics 2
Phys 621
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Solid State Physics
Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
Quantum Field Theory
Phys 632 & Phys 635
Special Topics

Two of these electives can be chosen from other graduate departments( such as Mathematics, Scientific Computation) with the approval of the program committee. It is also possible to replace an elective course with a three credit hour fourth year level course in physics, if the student had not taken that course before and with the approval of the committee.

  1. Track “A” or track “B”: 6 credit hours either a Thesis or two seminars.
  Track Title Course Number Prerequisites
Track A
Phys 860
Passing at least 12 credits
Track B
Two Seminars
Phys 830, Phys 831
Passing at least 12 credits

One of the two seminars can be replaced with an elective course after getting the program committee’s approval. This provision will apply to students enrolled after the school year 2008/2009.

  1. The completion of any remedial courses required from the student when accepted into the program.


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